Innovation and Design Centered Strategies

Approach your institutional and organizational planning in an innovative way utilizing the principles of Design Thinking.

We will help your team create student centered innovation strategies to generate actionable insights about unmet needs and potential untapped opportunities.
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Strategic Enrollment Planning and Analytics

We will assist you in developing your CRM analytics and market segmentation work, search fulfillment analysis and ROI, financial aid leveraging, price sensitivity and elasticity analysis.
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Academic and Student Success Assessment

Create rigorous actionable research and evaluations to inform your student learning, student success and advising activities. (read more…)

Academic Program Planning

We can help you develop and clarify intake strategies or project unmet or capacity limits related to academic services, instructional staffing, and courses.
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Integrated Budget Planning and Forecasting

At Enrollment By Design we aim to intentionally design frameworks for assessing and integrating disparate elements so that our client institutions can effectively plan for the future.
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Strategic Space Planning & Sustainability

We can help you move the discussion beyond environmental sustainability into operations, auxiliary services, innovating your services to implement sustainability pilots, projects, and programs.
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